Email spam from Daniel Longoria ay Ghost Writing LLC

Daniel Longoria is a spammer from Texas who may send out "Ghost Writing Spam" by the name of Simon Walker, Mark Gilliam and Steve Davidson. Recently he has been abusing the the ExpressPigeon email services and has we have not been able to connect with their abuse team, several IPs have been blacklisted.

As this spammer (Daniel Longoria) has left a trail, it will be easy to block but they may change IPs so you may want to filter the spammy words that refer to the business.

Spam abuse emails lead to these domains and should be blocked:


Warning these domain participate in spam, abuse and other illegal activities.

As Daniel Longoria seems to be sending spam on quite a large scale, they will likely change IP, service provider etc. We have reported and blocked these already. These handy little filter will help block future spam.Email spam from Daniel Longoria

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