New steps for successful Gmail or G Suite Migrations with MigrationWiz

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On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, BitTitan will temporarily disrupt migrations on migrationwiz.bittitan.comcom and in scenarios where the Source and/or Destination is Gmail or G Suite.

All in-progress migrations with these specific characteristics will be affected.

As of Thursday, April 19, 2018, at 12:00AM PDT, the Client ID number for the BitTitan Google Account will change from 118005701438129985126 **to **113321175602709078332.

As Google migrations require a G Suite administrator to grant access to the BitTitan Client ID, please follow these steps to ensure successful MigrationWiz projects:

For all migrations in progress:

Migration administrators will first under Authorized API clients > Client Name > enter the ID: 118005701438129985126. Under One or more API Scopes, select one of the two scopes below.

Next, migration administrators will under Authorized API clients > Client Name > enter the new BitTitan Client ID: 113321175602709078332. Again, under One or more API Scopes, select one of the two scopes below:

• G Suite as the Source (read-only scopes):,,,,,,,

• G Suite as the Destination (full scopes):,,,,,,,

The Google client access security page should look as follows:


For all migrations projects post-April 19th:

Migrations administrators will use only the new BitTitan Client ID number.

Changing the BitTitan Google Client ID is a necessary step forward on the road to becoming a Google Premier Partner, as well as increasing G Suite product offerings in MigrationWiz.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. For more information, please consult KB article, New OAuth 2.0 Google Client ID, in the BitTitan Help Center here.

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