OWA: Critical Error: Permission denied to access property "frameElement" on cross-origin object

I am logged into OWA via Webmail.

When I check the settings I see the following error:

The web page isn't loading correctly. Please reload the page by refreshing your browser.Technical Information: SecurityError: Permission denied to access property "frameElement" on cross-origin objectThe entire error report is listed below:



  • What were you trying to do when you get this error?

  • I was just checking the settings

  • What about when you try from a different browser?

  • It works okay in another browser

  • What was the browser you were getting issues in?

  • Are you up to date on Chrome? Does it require any updates? What happens when you run it without addons?

  • Ah perhaps my Adbock plugin is a problem for it

  • That tends to cause issues with our control panel and webmail interfaces.

  • This is old thread but I have been struggling with this this morning (chrome & FF), when wanting setup various Rules filters. My workaround was to copy the the url on the page/popup that got the error, then open a new tab & paste that url in. All worked fine. HTH someone.

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