Ethereum Crypto Mining Script

This script is for ethereum mining on dwarfpool (
There are 3 components in this .zip file.

  1. the proxy which must be run first
  2. 2 different versions of the genoil miner. Some video cards like the slightly older version for some reason rather than the latest.

1. Goto proxy.conf and look for a variable “WALLET=” inside the quotes is where you paste your ethereum wallet.
2. Run the proxy (proxy.exe) first. This will handle all the work calls to and from dwarfpool
3. Run either the old genoil 1.17 or the new 1.19. They pump out the same but some vid cards like the old one by running “zdwarf.exe”
4. Goto and in the lower left corner of the screen is a search box where you paste your ethereum address to see your stats. Once the stats page comes up bookmark it for later. NOTE: It may take
10 or 15 minutes or so for the stats to show as the server needs a few accepts to create the page. Be patient. You can look at the dos boxes and you will see accepted shares then you’re good.

You can download the script here:


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