Gaining access to hacked Gmail account

A friend of mine recently contacted me to help them recover a hacked Gmail account. Google posts steps in order to gain access to a hacked account. Unfortunately these steps do not work if a user has not setup recovery options.

Only paid G-suite accounts seem to get phone support. This is a G-suite account but a legacy free version and that means, like gmail addresses. It is exempt from support.

I tried calling the only number at Google I could think of. Adwords support! After listening to their suggestions about increasing my Adwords spend, I explained the issue. The rep said he would forward this over to the security team at gmail. The next morning I woke up to disappointing email from Google that I posted here.

I have since moved this user off G-suite and secured the account. They are still locked out of Google and lost all contacts, calendars, notes and email data for past 8 years!

Any ideas for gaining access to a hacked gmail/g-suite account?



  • You cant really get the account back at this point unless Google knows you. This is not because they hate you its for security purposes.

  • It seems the only solution is to post in Google forums:!forum/gmail

    Even then from people posts, it does not look they are able to regain access to Google account after it is hacked.

  • After a week or so, I am starting to make some progress. Google support reps are no longer sending me password reset links to Google+, Google Play, YouTube. All did not work. I finally have a link that looks promising:

  • Any luck with this?

    I had a friend who Gmail was hacked and he lost everything as he could not recover the account.

  • Been working with someone at Google for 3 weeks. Slow progress and very frustrating. I have DNS access so moved mail off Google services so we can gain access while we try to work through Google recovery steps.

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    Friends to recover your hacked Gmail account is not big deal. You can easily recover the hacked account and that too, without needing any expert supervision.
    and that is the benefits of having Google, that let us do anything in the very easy manner.

    So, while you are getting ready to recover your gmail account you should remember somethings like:

    1 Your associated gmail address.

    2 your mobile phone number.

    3 answer for the security question.

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