Ongoing issues with eBay and worst support I propberly ever experienced

I have an eBay store and I have done for about 15 years. I have sold hundreds of items and paid my fee's when due. Over the past several months there have been some issues.

  • eBay ran into payment processing trouble and were unable to bill my card (transaction error).
  • eBay started to bill in foreign currencies and add the notorious and outrageous "PayPal currency conversion fees" on top of the invoice amount.
  • The request a callback function for support at eBay did not work. The phone line also disconnected a few time before after 30-40 minutes s I did reach someone at eBay via phone.
  • Unfortunately phone support was unable to assist when I did get through.

As this has dragged on, eBay have suspended my account and I tried to reach them on Twitter here where they requested more information. I feel as though I have explained this to eBay staff several times but I need an eBay employee of the month or something to resolve this one.

Please eBay, fix this so I can pay you and get my YMOZ store back online!


  • 24 hours later I am still unable to pay by eBay bill due to error with currency.

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