Does email support DMARC?

Just wondered if I have a premium email account with xyz, does email support DMARC?



  • Our hosted email does check for DMARC and enforces it based on the policies set by the sender.

  • Is that just for incoming email?

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    Correct. Dmarc is only checked on the incoming servers since it checks against the sending domain and the server(s) that send on behalf of it. Don't need to check it on the outgoing since we are the ones generating the message.

  • I see. So there is no configuration changes or DNS entires to add DMARC?

  • You can, but only on the domains that you own.

  • Okay what is the DNS record needed?

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    You'll want to set up both SPF and DMARC.

    The SPF record needed can be found here:

    For DMARC you can follow the steps here:

    We highly advise setting up a 'reporting-only' DMARC policy prior to setting up any enforcement that will reject or quarantine messages that fail the DMARC policy. It instructs anyone who receives an email for to send reports to the specified address. In the Value field, please specify an email address to receive the daily DMARC reporting.

    Once you do this, we advise to enable DKIM signing from the Control Panel as well. Its in the domains section.

  • Great. Thanks for that Ryan.

  • You're welcome James

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