Adding DKIM to a domain name at Godaddy

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To add DKIM to your domain name registered with Godaddy, first make sure you have logged into Thexyz Email Admin area and enabled DKIM to generate your sender authentication keys.

The next step is to login to your Godaddy account in order to make dns changes to your domain name dns records. Once you have obtained your DKIM record from Thexyz Control Panel, you can make your way over to Godaddy to change the dns settings so that you can verify the domain in Thexyz Email Admin Control Panel.

  1. Login to your Godaddy account and select My Domains from the menu.

  1. Select the domain name and then click Manage DNS.

Click the add button or it may also be a button like this below.

  1. You can add a new record and add a TXT record by entering the TXT record key in the Host **field and the **TXT Record Value in the TXT Value field.

Click the Save button and your are done. It should take around 1 hour to propagate depending on the TTL setting.



  • Can we use spf and dkim at the same time or will adding dkim affect spf records?

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    Both DKIM and SPF can be implemented you your email domain at the same time by adding an additional TXT record to your domain . In fact, it is highly recommend to have both a SPF and DKIM record to secure your email.

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