Deleting multiple emails in Webmail

If you have a lot of emails to delete it can be time consuming to delete one by one. In Webmail you can delete up to 100 at a time. The first thing to check is in Settings, make sure your are view 100 emails per page in General Settings >> Display Preferences as picture below.

Now that you are viewing 100 emails per page, you can search for the emails you wish to delete.

You can do an Advanced Search or basic search in the top right of Webmail. In this case I am looking for emails from Twitter. I did an advanced search and found 2404 emails.

I can then select all 100 emails per page and hit the red X to delete them.

This is great for deleting a few hundred emails, if you have thousands to delete, your best solution is using an email client like Outlook as you can select far more than 100 per page. Do you have any other solutions for deleting bulk email? Leave them in the comment box below.

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