Block an IP or IP range in Hepsia

To block an IP address, you need to login to your server control panel and under advanced, select IP Blocking.

You then need to click on the "Block an IP Address" button.

Then select a hostname from the drop-down menu (domain or subdomain hosted in your account). If you want to block the access to the entire domain, leave the path below as it is. In case you want to block access to an internal folder (, use the browse button and select the desired folder.

Type the IP that you want to block and click 'Block IP' to complete the procedure.

How to block a range of IP addresses?

You can block an entire IP range (in case that the person who is trying to attack your site is using a dynamic IP from a certain network.)

For example, to block all 254 IP addresses from the network 222.111.333.1 to 222.111.333.254, simply enter: 222.111.333.

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