Outlook getting stuck during send and receive

Each time I open Outlook 2013 I do a send and received to sync my IMAP account. It seems to keep getting stuck with about seconds left. I have disabled additional add-ins too.



  • Have you tried doing a profile repair or created a new profile to test? Something might be corrupt on that current profile.

  • Okay thanks, I will try that.

  • Repair is not working with it.

  • That didn't work or you were not able to use the repair option?

  • It said something about "an encrypted connection to server is not available"

  • What server settings is the user using? server and ports?

  • 993/465 secure.emailsrvr.com for both incoming and outgoing with IMAP and SSL enabled.

  • Which part gets stuck with 5 seconds left, the send or receive?

  • It is during sync of unsubscribed folders.

  • That might be what the problem is. Are there any folders that are not subscribed because those wouldn't sync with the server and that might be why its holding up?

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