Theme Colours

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1st thing i would like to say, I have been using thexyz mail for just over 6 months now for a personal email account and love it , Better than any of the free accounts : )

I like the Old Classic layout i just would like to see another colour other than green.

Could you please add Theme Colour's to the Web site and the mobile apps, so users can change it on here email accounts please?

so if i change the Theme Colour from green to black on my desktop pc ,it will auto change it on my mobile ap so when i log in to my mobile app its already black.

I really want a Black Theme on my personal email account. All most like the mobile app version because i check my emails alot and it would be nice to look at, and to have a change now and again if i feel like it.  : )

Thanks and keep up the great work : )


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