Do we need email archiving?

Hello, we are looking at migrating our companies email over to The XYZ‎. One of the reasons for this is the limitations on storage with our current provider, we have to keep archiving our mail when we get close to our limit just to get new messages. I see you offer 25 GB and 100 GB accounts, I was just wondering if we need to have to archiving add-on to ensure our mail is archived properly?


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    Hello, thanks for posting your question on our forum. The email archiving add-on is not needed to archive email. By default our basic premium email includes 25 gb's of storage which can be used to archive email if you wish.

    The email archiving add-on adds an additional portal where your email is backed up and easy to restore if needed. This is not needed to archive email, it adds an additional portal to store ‎all incoming and outgoing emails and there are no storage limitations. There are also advanced search features that allow you to search for specific keywords, even through the contents of attachments.

    You can also read more about our email archiving here:
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