Can’t connect to server. 501 # 5.5.4 invalid argument

We have a user who is having tough time with Nexus 5 setup. We have checked the hostnames, ports and it all looks good. The problem seems to be with Outgoing server.

Error message: Can’t connect to server. 501 # 5.5.4 invalid argument


  • Can you confirm if they're using the setup instructions from this page?
  • Yes we have.
  • Is wifi on or off on the phone?
  • Yes we did it without wifi.
  • Hmm ok. Please DM me what mailbox this is this for?
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    Sorry for the delay here, I was checking the mailbox and everything looks good from the server side. I don't see any restrictions on the type of connection so it should be able to connect as imap on mobile devices. Is the user able to log into that mailbox on webmail or set it up on any other devices?
  • Yes, works fine on other devices and outlook.
  • Hmm ok. It might be something on that specific device then. I know this might sound silly but has he restarted that mobile device and then tried adding it again?
  • Yes they have.
  • Okay. I haven't heard of any issues setting up email on the nexus 5, but if it's able to be setup on other devices and I"m not seeing any issues with the mailbox server side it sounds like it's an issue with that device.
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