How to transfer your domain to Thexyz

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If you have domain registered with a third party registrar like Godaddy, Network Solutions etc, you may wish to transfer your domain to Thexyz so they can be managed from within your account at Thexyz, or you may wish to take advantage of the cost savings with domains registered through Thexyz.
Before your begin

Before you can transfer your domain you need to make sure:

  • Your domain is older than 60/90 days
  • There is adequate time left on the registration to accommodate a ‎domain transfer
  • You have access to the email address associated with whois contacts.
  • Disable any whois/privacy protection that hides your whois contact information. This will interfere with the transfer process and cause the transfer to fail.
What if I am unsure of the above 4 points?

Not a problem, you can easily pull the necessary information by doing a whois search for your domain.

Login to current registrar

You will need to login to your current domain registrar ‎account and complete the following:
  • Unlock the domain or remove transfer lock.
  • If you are unsure on how to do this, you can contact your current domain registrar for assistance.
  • Request EPP or transfer request code. This is a time sensitive code that is used to verify domain transfers. Again if you are unable to find this in your account, you can request by contacting your current domain register.
  • If your email address on file for whois contact for the domain is incorrect, you will also need to update it here. This is because a verification email is sent to this address and the link in the email needs to be verified.

Requesting the transfer

To initiate the transfer process at Thexyz, you will need to login to your account here. You can then request the transfer here.

Domain Transfer

Under the domains tab you can then select, Transfer a domain or click here. Even if your domain is not up for renewal you will need to purchase an additional years registration in order to transfer the domain. This additional year will be added onto your existing registration period. For example, if your domain expires in June 2020. After a successful transfer, it will expire in June 2021.

During the checkout process, you can enter your EPP code when prompted and once paid the transfer process will be initiated.

Verifying the transfer request

Now that the transfer request has been placed, it needs to verified by both the current domain owner listed in whois and the current registry. You should receive an email shortly after processing which contains a transfer approval link. You will need to click this link in order to approve the request.

Once approved the current registrar will need to also approve the transfer request which can take 5 days. Some registrars like Godaddy require you to login and approve the transfer from within your Godaddy account under Domains >> Pending Transfers.

Once you and the current registrar have approved the transfer, the domain will be active in your account at Thexyz.

Some common problems with domain transfers

The whois email sometimes is not get up to date, it is very important to make sure your whois contacts for each of your domains is kept up to date.

EPP code has expired

Your transfer request code or EPP code is time sensitive. If you get an error with your transfer that this code is invalid, it could be due to it expiring. You can request a new code from with your account.

Domain is not in a state that allows transfer

This can happen if the domain has been recently registered, the domain is locked‎ or privacy protection has been enabled for the domain and must be turned off.

Additional support

If you need any assistance in transferring your domain to Thexyz, we're happy to assist you so please get in touch with the support team.
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