How to configure SMTP with WordPress

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The best way to have form mail sent through a WordPress site is to use SMTP rather than php. By default WordPress uses php so you will need to either edit the source code of WordPress or install and configure a plugin. I advise on using a plugin for this as WordPress updates will overwrite the code each time you update.

To get started login to your WordPress admin area and under Plugins >> Add New do a search for Configure SMTP.


I recommend the below plugin, simply because it has been well reviewed and recently updated.


You can install and activate the plugin. Once done, make your way to the settings page of the plugin and in a new window, you will need to setup an email account.

For this example we have a server at Thexyz Server so we logged in and under Email >> Add new account.

This will be the email account that sends form mail etc. It is advisable to make the password extremely difficult as it will not need to be entered often.


Once you have created your email account, you can go back to the plugin settings page and authenticate it with correct username, password and mail server. For this example below the email address is hosted on a server at Thexyz Server. If you are hosted at on the premium email, you can find correct server settings here.


Once it has been filled out correctly, you can save changes.

Now that the settings have been saved, you can perform a test.


If you receive the email without any errors then you have setup smtp authentication correctly and go ahead and test your form. If you receive any errors, feel free to post a reply below.

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