Shared team calendar

I recently added a shared calendar to one of my email accounts. The idea is to share this calendar with everyone within my domain. I have set the calendar as a shared calendar with my domain, but other staff can not seem to access the shared calendar.


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    Hello, thanks for contacting us. Each of the team members will need to add the group calendar via the webmail calendar app and this post here will show you what needs to be done.
  • Thanks that helped a lot. We managed to add to the shared calendar to each account and it is works great. The only thing we noticed was that ‎only the user that shared the calendar can delete events.
  • Excellent. Yes that would be a permission set when you created the calendar.
  • Are there limits to how many separate calendar one can have?

  • No there are not any limits. You can multiple calendars to collaborate with your team. Just right click to share an online calendar and set permissions.

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