How to update your billing information

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Starting December 5th 2014, we have a new billing system in
place, if you wish to update your information on the new system, you
will need to setup a new billing profile here, you can then let us know and we will have your accounts migrated over automatically. We also continue to support the legacy billing portal via 2co, but recommend getting on the new portal as the improve UI will make managing your account a lot easier.

1. Updating your billing information via (orders after December 2014)

2. Updating your billing information via 2Checkout (orders before December 2014)

1. Update your billing information on

You can edit your payment information anytime by visiting this page.

If you signed up after December 2014, you will have an account here automatically. You may also now have an account here as we have been migrating existing users over to the new platform on a ongoing basis. 

Once logged in at the top right of the page, you can click Manage Credit Card in the menu.


In this page you can enter your new credit card number and click Save changes.


2. Update your billing information with 2CO

You will need to know your Order Number. This number is included on your receipt that is sent out to the billing contact email address when you signed up.

You will also need to know one of the following:

  • Zip Code of your Billing Address
  • First 6 Digits Of Your Credit Card
  • Last 2 Digits Of Your Credit Card

You can now update your information, you must verify your email address
in order to complete the update process. Please type all information
exactly as it appears in relation to your credit card.


Once complete, click “Update Billing Method” and the process is complete.

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