How To Archive Email With Mac Mail

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This guide will help you manually migrate mail from one IMAP server to another. If you are using POP instead of IMAP, then messages are downloaded to your computer when you check mail and then deleted from the email server.

This is for users currently using POP email on Mac Mail, if you are using IMAP you can make use of our remote email migration tool. If you are looking to setup email on your Mac, please see this guide or use our help tool.

1. Open Mac mail application

Once open, click the “Mailbox” menu at the top of the screen and select “New Mailbox.


2. Create the local mailbox

Select the location for the new mailbox as “On My Mac” and name it
something of your choice. Click “OK” and the local mailbox should be


3. Moving the mail

The new archive mailbox will appear on the left under, inbox, drafts,
sent etc. To move mail here simply drag and drop the email you wish to
move. If you wish to move all the email, you can click on one message
and then hit, command + A. This will select all email in a mailbox, you
can then drag it into your local Mailbox.

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