Migrating email from Google Apps with Oauth

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To migrate from a Google Apps or Gmail account, these steps MUST be followed:

Go to
https://admin.google.com​​ and authenticate as a domain administrator.

Click on Security
Click on Show more and then Advanced settings

Go on Manage API client ac​cess
Client name: 794841909041-4ujv1ss1o7m7kqm3gtqd06bklietmmde.apps.googleusercontent.com​

API scope:


If you are using a free gmail.com account, then you will need use the individual user name and password for each account. OAuth
2.0 chal​​​l​enge requires this in order to authorize
MigrationWiz access. After submitting a migration for
mailbox(es), MigrationWiz will send an email to each user mailbox in
order to ask for access privileges. Once the user confirms access
privileges then the migration will begin.

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