Two Factor Authentication

Does webmail support two factor authentication?


  • We currently do not but we have been working on adding two-factor authentication. In the next month or two it will be available. Thanks for your feedback.
  • Any update on 2 factor auth?
  • We have recently launched two-factor authentication for the email administration portal. The next step is launch on the client portal and sometime in the new year we expect it also to be available on webmail too.
  • Any update on when two factor authentication for your email system will be ready?

  • 2fa for Webmail is a project that we want to do, and is currently on our backlog. Right now we are still in the requirement gathering stage. Once we fully understand all of the work that we will need to do, our team will be able to provide a rough estimate on when that feature will be available for admins.

    I want to think you for patiently waiting for 2fa for all this time and please let us know if we can do anything else to assist you.

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