Problem setting up email on iPhone

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I can't get my email to work on my iphone...I set it up and everything came through and now it won't work...can you help me? I've already looked at the instructions on your website and I did it the way the instructions read....


  • What is the error message you are getting?
  • Sometimes it will say the incoming mail server timed out but mostly I don't get any error message at all. I have mail in my webmail on my laptop that I won't download onto my phone and my phone email for this acct has not updated since 6 pm. last night.
  • Okay when you go to the settings on the iphone, do you see more than one of the same account?
  • No there is only one account listed on the phone.
  • What do you have for incoming and outgoing server?
  • Incoming
  • Okay that is the problem. You should remove the account from iphone.

    And set it up again as IMAP account, use as server for both incoming and outgoing.
  • Got it! Thank you so much!!
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