How Can Admins Add Email Aliases?

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To Create an Alias as an Administrator

When you create an alias, you are creating an email address that points to an actual email mailbox or mailboxes. For example, the alias can point to and<. Each of those recipients (Tom, Dick, and Harry) would receive the message that was sent to

You will first need to login to the admin Control Panel:

1. On the Control Panel Main page, locate Email Hosting | Email Accounts. Click the Manage Aliases link.
2. Click the Add Alias button.
3. Enter a unique alias name in the Create New Alias box.
4. Select the address(es) you want to associate with the alias, and then click the Add button.
5. You can send email from this alias to up to 50 total email addresses, four of which can be outside of your domain.
6. Click the Save button.

In the picture below the alias ( will deliver mail to


You can also add up to 4 external accounts that are not hosted with us as picture below.



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