Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

edited February 2017 in Server Management
If your website requires users to log in, enter personal information such as credit card numbers or view confidential information such as financial statements, you need to keep the data private and assure your customers that you are doing all you can to keep their data safe.

Use of an SSL digital certificate assures website users of 3 things:

1. That the website really is who it claims to be.
2. That credit card numbers and other confidential information are encrypted (256 bit or higher) and cannot be intercepted.
3. That the data sent and received is encrypted.

Order an SSL certificate through Thexyz here: https://www.thexyz.com/ssl-certificates.html


  • An SSL Certificate is a thing that helps the users to visit our website and trust us with their sensitive information. If a website has an SSL Certificate, it means that there is no malware code on the website, nor it can be exploited by any malware code.

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