I Don't Have An Email Client On My Computer

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If you don't have an email client installed you can use Thexyz Webmail on any computer, the address is: https://webmail.thexyz.com

If you wish to save your emails on your computer too, you will need an email client.

You can get free licenses to many popular email clients, just by having an account with Thexyz Email and Apps.

Outlook 2016
Outlook 2013
Outlook 2015 (Mac)



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    Thanks for sharing! I like Spark. It's the fastest, most stable email client for someone like me (product hunter with about a hundred thousand unread messages). It also doesn't eat storage on my Mac. And unlike many there, it's free. By the way, here are the top Mac email clients this year that support in-app integration, multiple account setup, quick replies, and much more

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