Embed A Picture Directly Using The Windows 7 Snipping Tool

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Enable support to embed a picture directly using the Windows 7 snipping tool, rather than first saving the image to a file? If you are to copy and paste an image and have formatting on, the image shows up in the email compose window and it shows up in the email saved to the Sent file, but the picture does not show up at the other end. Saving the image to a file and then embedding it can be very tedious, especially with a lot of images.

What is the "Snipping tool?"
It's the "snipping" tool in Windows 7 - and it copies images to the clipboard. It is found under "All Programs," "Accessories," and in Firefox and IExplorer (not Chrome) it allows images to be "pasted" in from the clipboard (using ^V). Information on it can be found here:

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A user ran some tests, and here is what they found:

If I take a snipped image and save it as a jpeg and then insert that into a message, the image is received intact at icloud, gmail, & outlook.com.

However, if I just copy the image in from the snipping tool using ^V, the image is only received intact at icloud. Nothing shows up at gmail or outlook. If I mail it to myself from myself at thexyz.com, the image does show up.

If I type in a url without the chain icon, it is received as a hyperlink at gmail, but not at icloud or outlook.com. However, if I mail it to myself from myself at thexyz.com, the url is not converted into a hyperlink.

Basically I have no way of knowing at this point how my messages are going to be received at the other end.

This actually has to do with the way your system is processing the information - at godaddy (where I migrated from), snipped images copied into an email message with ^V would arrive intact at all domains if I used their "updated view," but not if I used their "classic view."

However, url's would automatically be added only if I used their "classic view," but not if I used their "updated view."

Your system seems to process the images differently from either of godaddy's "views."
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