WHOIS Identity Protection for Domain Names

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The WHOIS ID protection is an add-on service available for some domain TLDs (.com, .net, .biz, .org, .info, .we.bs, .me, .tv, .cc, .asia). When you register a domain name you provide your personal and/or business contact information, incl. name, address, phone number etc.

Each domain that is successfully registered has the so-called WHOIS record. The WHOIS record is comprised of information about the domain name itself - when it was registered, when it expires, what the current name servers are and so on, and it also displays the registrant, administrative, technical and billing contact information that has been provided for the domain name. This WHOIS record is public and anyone on the Internet can check the WHOIS record of any domain name that is currently registered. Because the WHOIS service is available to the public, it exposes your contact details to everyone.

The WHOIS ID protection service helps conceal your personal data and protect it from malicious use such as spam e-mails and telemarketing. When you purchase the WHOIS ID protection service for a particular domain name, the WHOIS record of your domain name will display our company contact information instead of your personal information. Although your data in the public WHOIS record is replaced by ours, you still remain the rightful owner of your domain - the WHOIS protection service does not in any way affect the actual ownership of the domain.

You can order WHOIS or, as we call it, ID protection, for any domain name from the list of the supported TLDs that you have registered with us using the Domain Manager section (Site Management > Domain Manager) of your Web Hosting Control Panel. There is a row of icons to the right of each domain name. Under the ID Protect column there is an ADD button for each domain name.

Once you click on that button a small pop-up window will appear with information about the ID protection service, the price to enable that service, as well as the available payment options. Once you choose the payment method you wish to use to submit the payment, you must click on the Get ID protect button below and that will take you to the payment page where you have to fill out your payment information.

Have in mind that providing false contact information in the WHOIS record is considered illegal and may result in cancellation of the domain registration. Therefore that is not considered an alternative to the WHOIS ID protection service.
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