Reduce server load and increase email reliability

edited February 2017 in Web Development
If you run a resource heavy, membership site like phpFox then you will eventually run into issues with load and no doubt look into ways to reduce load rather than increase the cost of running your server to manage it.

With more members comes more messages, and to ensure your members are receiving these messages without them being blocked or filtered into a spam folder then you may have added smtp settings to channel all site through an email account.

This is a good idea but without an SSL certificate your mail is likely being sent through port 25 and this is a common port used by spammers so some ISP's may occasionally block mail sent through port 25 as a way of fighting spam. You could purchase an SSL certificate for your server but you may be better off not sending mail through the same server your site is on. This is why we have developed powerful apps and email solutions through thexyz that will not only channel your mail through a separate server, but also offer additional ports through secure SSL encryption.

This will help improve reliability, reduce load and save your server from being overloaded by unnecessary mail processes. It is also more affordable than purchasing additional RAM or upgrading your server. Learn more here:
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