Enabling Mobile Device Compatibility for any Website

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To make your existing website compatible with mobile devices, the simplest and most cost-effective way is to register a .MOBI domain name for the same and select the website you wish to adapt to mobile devices (mobilize).

The .MOBI Instant Mobilizer tool takes your existing website and automatically creates a mobile optimized version with no programming or user intervention. Each time a user visits your .MOBI domain name, he/she is displayed the content of your existing website in real-time, which implies any updates to the main site will automatically be reflected on your new mobile site.

When you choose to point your .MOBI domain name to your existing website, our system would generate 3 Name Servers that you need to set for your .MOBI domain name for this feature to work.


If your corporate website is yourcompany.com, you may attract a larger audience to your website, by simply registering any .MOBI domain name like yourcompany.mobi and setting the source website as yourcompany.com. Then take the 3 Name Servers that are generated by the system and set them for yourcompany.mobi.

Making your existing website compatible with Mobile Devices

Upon registering a .MOBI domain name (that is similar to your existing website), follow the steps mentioned below:

Login to your Control Panel, search for the .MOBI domain name that you wish to display your website's content and proceed to the Order Details view.
If the domain name is Locked by Thexyz Network, it needs to be first Unlocked by Thexyz Network, before you can proceed further.
In case the domain name is Locked by you, the below action can be performed even without unlocking it
If the domain name is Suspended by Thexyz Network, it needs to be first Unsuspended, before you can proceed further.

Click the Instant Mobilizer link.
Mention the current website address whose content you wish to adapt for mobile audiences in the textbox and click Get Instant Mobilizer NameServers.

Note the 3 unique Name Servers displayed and set these as the Name Servers of this .MOBI domain name.
Once you have modified your .MOBI domain name's Name Servers, your website should start resolving shortly. Typically your .MOBI domain name should start resolving immediately, however, in some cases it may take as much as 24 to 48 hours depending upon your Internet Service Provider's settings.
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