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Cloud PBX

You get lower costs, better reliability and a phone system that is easier to manage and scale.

A cost effective business phone system

An amazing business phone system that works exactly like you would expect it to. Except it’s a virtual based solution. All you need are phones (or mobile app) and an Internet connection.

All Inclusive Plans

Unlimited Continental US / Canada minutes included. This includes high volume incoming lines.

No Contracts

As with all our services, we don't lock you in with a contract. Instead we work to keep your business.

Built for SMBs

Gain complete control over your customer experience your brand and how you drive productivity within your business.

Automated Attendant

Auto-Attendant / IVR

The Auto Attendant receives calls, provides the caller with different assistance options and transfers calls.

Unlimited Simultaneous Calls

Users can receive and make unlimited simultaneous calls on their phone number.

HD Voice

Highest performance audio codecs – G.722.

Multi Device

Fiber channel connections for network/SAN storage.

Web Fax

Send and receive faxes as PDF email attachments. Notifications and faxes can be sent to multiple email addresses

Voicemail Forward

Forward a voicemail to another user.

Backups & Restore

Get a fast start in the cloud-based communications space with a fully managed enterprise-grade solution.


Class 4/5 switch (same as Verizon, TELUS, Bell, etc.)

Five nine SLA

Financially backed 99.999% SLA.

Fully Redundant

Fully redundant platform configured with no single point of failure.


Desk phones come pre-configured when ordered through us. We also help with setup and provide ongoing support.

Go Unlimited

We built the Cloud PBX plan to have simple and transparent pricing. We added as many unlimited features as we could. There is no contract and you can pay monthly.

  • Unlimited call recording
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Unlimited outbound calls
  • Unlimited IVR
  • Unlimited audio conference bridge
  • Unlimited continental minutes
  • Unlimited SMS messages
  • Unlimited Voicemail

Find Threats

By choosing a Hosted PBX solution from Thexyz, you can focus on your business and your customers. We take care of communications management, maintenance and upgrading to ensure your system continues to operate securely and reliably.

  • Protect intellectual property
  • Identify unusual activity
  • Insights harness
  • Sector safety

View Insights with Discovery Requests

Derive actionable insights from business communications

View Insights extracts knowledge and insights from email data to help make better business decisions and improve operational performance.

  • Learn when sensitive information is being sent or received via your email system
  • Validate that confidential data is not being leaked externally
  • Receive notifications when emails with confidential information, profanity or compliance terminology (HIPAA, FINRA, etc.) leave the organization
  • Be warned when individuals display unusual email activity behavior

Traditional VoIP vs Hosted Cloud PBX

A look at how On-premises phone systems compare to Cloud PBX

Traditional PBX (VoIP) Thexyz Cloud PBX System
Phone System Setup Setup requires on-site presence and can take weeks from registration Setup can be done remotely and within hours of registration
Number Portability Takes days to configure Quick and easy process
Mobility Requires office presence Full mobility via mobile app
Scalability Complex scaling Easy scaling
Conferencing Complex setup and Voice quality decreases as more people join Easy setup, managed with desktop software or web-based console
Power outage proof No. No power, no calls Yes. Via mobile softphone app
Equipment Costly PBX equipment needed on-premises No on-premises equipment required
Call costs Calls billed according to wire length and minutes Low to zero call costs
Cost savings Adding features is expensive Predictable and transparent billing
Maintenance Managed in-house with added costs We manage at no extra cost
Provisioning Provisioning by the provider Provisioning services yourself with dashboard

Pridicatable pricing with no contracts

Pay month to month and customize your Cloud PBX using our wizard.

First user or single user
Monthly Price
  • 1 phone number
  • 1 extension included
  • Unlimited minutes
Additional user extensions
Monthly Price
  • 1+ user
  • Unlimited minutes

Premium VoIP Hosting

With Thexyz Cloud PBX, you get all the phone features your business needs with low upfront costs and no hardware or software to maintain. Whether you are operating from a single office or different locations in your city, state, or country, you get an enterprise-grade VoIP phone system. And, you can reach your mobile employees at all times just by dialing your company phone number.

Cloud PBX

Mobyx Softphone App

Download the mobile app and use your cellphone as a deskphone.

Android App

Apple App

Questions & Answers

Cloud PBX is your best choice for a hosted VoIP platform, with low initial costs and no hardware or software to maintain. Here are the top frequently asked questions about Thexyz Cloud PBX.

Yes, Thexyz has it own mobile softphone app. It runs on iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Thexyz also has a WebRTC Client that can be run anywhere from any PC Web Browser.

Yes. With one user extension, you can have an IP Phone and you can register as many iOS or Android softphone devices. All the devices are registered together, so when the extension rings, every connected device also rings. This means that all incoming phone calls will come through to all connected devices.

Absolutely, we can transfer a call to an external number via the IVR (Automated Attendant). Also, a user can transfer an ongoing call to an external number using the same process used for redirecting a call to an internal extension. Finally, a user can set automatic transfer from their IP phone to an external number.

Yes. You can send and receive unlimited tex messages with no added cost.

Yes. We offer a carrier grade phone solution that will allow all calls to be routed during peak or busy times. Rest assured that you will not miss important calls during busy periods.

Yes. You can add as many numbers as you wish. There is a $7 month charge for each phone number added.

Yes. Any telephone number can be ported over to our system. We provide support and assistance to get this processed through our online form.


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