Setup your own domain to use Thexyz Email

Email Hosting With Your Own Domain

How to setup email with your own domain

With Thexyz Webmail you can have email hosted with your own domain name as long as long as you have registered the domain and you do not need to register the domain with us to host email with us. If the domain is not registered through Thexyz, you will need to edit your DNS records as per the guide below. These directions are the same for all email accounts hosted with Thexyz: Thexyz Webmail, MobileSync and Microsoft Exchange accounts.

1. Edit MX Records (required)

An MX record is a type of DNS record that defines which mail servers are used to deliver email that is sent to anyone on your domain. In order for your domain to be able to receive email messages at Thexyz you will need to update the MX record values through your DNS Host to point to Thexyz. The two MX records are listed below with the priority numbers.

Priority: 10
TTL: Lowest possible

Record 2:
Priority: 20
TTL: Lowest possible

You should also delete any existing MX records as it will interfere.

We have some additional guides for demonostrating how to edit your MX records when you DNS is hosted with Godaddy, or WordPress.

2. Add An SPF Record (recommended)

Adding an SPF record to your DNS will allow you to specify the email servers you use to send email from your domain. This validates your sending email address, which can help to keep your domain’s email out of your recipients’ spam folders. To add the SPF record you need to add a TXT record via your domain DNS hosting and point to the following:

TXT Record: v=spf1 ~all
Host name: Either @ or blank
TTL: Lowest possible

Thexyz SPF record

3. Enable DKIM Authenitcation (recommended)

To generate DKIM keys you will need to login the Email Adminitsration Portal:

Please check the guide below to enable DKIM on your domain.

4. Add Autodiscover Setup (optional)

Autodiscover is a service that allows users to easily configure their email client knowing only their email address and password. This makes setting up email on different clients and devices much easier.

Login to where your domain is registered or DNS hosted and create the following CNAME record:

Record Type: CNAME
Host name: autodiscover
TTL: Lowest possible

Note: Some DNS providers require your full domain name in the hostname field; e.g. if your domain is, your hostname wouldbe

Need help getting email on your own domain? We're here to help with that!
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