New Webmail Protection Features from Suspicious Emails

We'd like to inform you of a few enhancements we're making to our Webmail client. The purpose of these enhancements is to improve our ability to protect end users by warning them about messages that seem "suspicious", and provide them with some new warnings and useful information to encourage them to think twice before trusting messages in their ... Read More »

3rd Jul 2018
Webmail Feature Updates

If you haven't experienced for yourself just yet, we recently made some subtle but extremely useful updates to Webmail. These updates allow you to more easily use your Webmail and Contacts, and provide you with a better user experience. Webmail is now faster, smarter, and more intuitive! Recent Addresses Feature We've spent some time improving ... Read More »

1st Mar 2018
Sign in to Thexyz with Google, Twitter or Facebook

The login pages of the Thexyz Account Portal have been socialized, allowing you to access your account through your social media profile in Facebook, Google and Twitter.Adding your social media media profile to ThexyzYou will need to login to your account, and click Security Settings under the dropdown where it says "Hello."All you need to do is ... Read More »

25th Oct 2017
Upcoming Email Admin Account Security Updates

Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out some updates that we're making to strengthen the security of Thexyz Email Admin Portal.  As you may know, weak passwords are the leading cause of unwanted individuals accessing any type of account (ie. Email, Netflix, banking, etc) on the internet.  Security of your email is of the upmost ... Read More »

30th Aug 2017
Improvements to Domain Transfers and Change of Registrant

As you know, in December 2016 ICANN implemented a new Transfer Policy that included a new change of registrant procedure that all gTLD registrars had to comply with. We have received feedback from many of our customers that this new process is burdensome. In response to these concerns, we spent the last few months reviewing how we can improve our ... Read More »

30th Aug 2017
Upcoming Registry Price Changes

.ca Domain Price Hike from RegistryCIRA who controls the registry for .ca has announced a $1.00 price increase on .ca domains. As a result we will adding a dollar to the price of .ca renewals and registrations. Now is the time to renew your .ca domain for the maximum amount of time (1-10 years) to ensure lowest ... Read More »

16th Aug 2017
Phishing Email Attempts

Our team identified emails which were sent to random users on our hosted email environment. These emails state that the email address has been flagged for suspicious activity and the user is required to click a link to authenticate the account. Please note that these emails are NOT legitimate emails sent by our email hosting service. If you notice ... Read More »

24th Jul 2017
Sender Authentication (DKIM) added to Thexyz Email

DKIM is now available at no additional cost for Thexyz Premium Email and Microsoft Exchange, except for Hosted Exchange 2007. Thexyz Team encourages you to log into your Email Administrators Panel and enable DKIM for all of your domain. Here at Thexyz we recommend utilizing DKIM as part of a larger email security strategy which includes other ... Read More »

6th Jul 2017
Important changes to MobileSync with new Cloud Drive

Starting in April 2017 our MobileSync add-on for Thexyz Webmail is to get incorporated into our new Cloud Drive product for Webmail. As mentioned in an email we sent out late last year, MobileSync will be combines with the new AppSuite product and if you have MobileSync enabled there may be some changes.   What will the new Drive feature ... Read More »

16th Feb 2017
Domain Transfer Policy

On December 1, 2016, ICANN enacted a new domain registration transfer policy preventing domains from being transferred within 60 days of WhoIS registrant changes. The new policy has been imposed on all registrars and, as an ICANN-accredited registrar, we’ve taken all due steps to implement it throughout our system.We will now be unable to ... Read More »

7th Dec 2016